Jing Xiang is our common dream, no matter when you come, we will let you feel life is so beautiful

We provide the most sincere, warm, warm and friendly, guests the first service, let guest to the like feels at home, we think smiling service + standard service + individual service = perfect service. The hotel offers multiple service equipments, such as business center, parking lot, and wake-up service, a pick up service, Agent book ticket , attractions tickets services, reservation meal service (guest room Giving meal ). Collection entertainment and leisure karaoke shopping at an organic whole.
If you travel to Guilin?--dwell in Jing Xiang is your best choice
Jing Xiang Hotel is a guest room design by Five-stars standards of high-quality goods business hotel which is located in the eastern administrative center of Guilin where is collected commercial culture and enterprise community nearby.JingXiang Hotel has avant-garde design, innovative modeling, and it merge with Chinese and western architectural culture essence. The hotel lobby is totally full of nostalgic restoring ancient ways and returning to natural elegant breath.Each place passes the thick warmth, delivering a "JingXiang is home, tired bird known return" artistic conception...More
Do you have plans to hold business meetings in Guilin?
Our professional equipment to ensure complete success of your meeting, Jing Xiang hotel function rooms of different size, the smallest can accommodate 50 people, the largest can accommodate 300 people. Beautiful, quiet and comfortable. Equipment, professional and complete, these multi-functional hall can meet your various meetings and business, wedding event needs. Our professional staff will be arranged according to your needs planning activities necessary facilities...More
You plan in Guilin to honeymoon and anniversary?
Jing Xiang let you easily enjoy a comfortable sleep you We advocate a new hotel culture, pleasing life, we pursue every detail perfect. Every inch of carpet are carefully selected, well-decorated corner everywhere. Soft pillows hold up your dream, lace mattress carrying security and comfort, where you easily enjoy a comfortable sleep. Hotel Room more personalized design, tailored for you { Dream World } { Training study } { Adjourned to the Food of Love } { Today harmonious union } { Milan Fashion } { Nuowei style } { All • City Garden } And other unique contemporary interior design ideas for you to fully feel the hotel humanization and from warmth...More