Sunshine Restaurant

Sunshine Restaurant

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Service: marriage Banquet
Party Dinner...

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We fell in love with Jing Xiang Sun restaurant for two reasons,first, the environment, and second, atmosphere.

Going into sunshine restaurant, here is your sense of European town where is filled with soft light, overflowing coffee flavor and melodious light music.The postmeridian sunshine is bright.Sitting in the sunshine restaurant,tasting the mellow coffee while chatting, taking a nap,and then overlooking the surrounding peaks,your mood will like the sun. What a wonderful art experience!

Casually strolling the cloud ladder will take you to a fantastic open-air bar in the cloud.Sitting on the original rattan chair surrounded by rich smell of coffee, intoxicating with such melodious music, fully enjoying the glamour of cate and art can sink the fatigue and fickleness all over the body.

Staying in the open view,the green nature and the elegant and pleasing space blent with wine, music and art,you will be relieved pressure from the tense city life, fully experience an exceptionally comfortable, relaxing and tranquil feeling.