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JingXiang Hotel Guilin is located in the Eastern District administrative center around the collection of business culture, business community, is a room designed by Four-star standard boutique business hotel. Seven Star hotel sitting area, scenic mountains, Yangshuo scenic high-speed intersection, railway stations, bus stations, airports direct road between the intersection of accessibility. Right beside left-leaning Osmanthus Reflections of bamboo, pine meadows mountain mountains show; exposure to best in the world square in the landmark buildings. Face Guilin International Exhibition Center, best in the world square, South City department stores, whether by public officials, business, tourism, leisure and shopping are sent to help usher in, laid the hotel excellent geographical advantages.

The hotel lobby as a whole is full of nostalgia retro, back to nature atmosphere of refined elegance...more

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If you has stayed in our hotel bed,you'll want to take them home

husband and wife sleep in the American Restonic Mattress
U.S. Mattress Lace
All rooms are used by the U.S. lace mattress (RESTONIC), Sleep Comfort mattress with six design: protect the back line structure, patent twist lock technology, space technology plastic memory, to strengthen support for an independent structure, and strengthen...more
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